Welcome to cAMeltExt.coM

    The contemporary technological milieu in which today's poets and writers find themselves can be regarded as a direct temporal extension to previous poetic practice, as a remediation, a natural movement emanating from traditional and experimental literature and experimental poetic practice in print. A view that sees various modern works of digital literature as being essentially similar expressions of previous print based experimental literature. When regarded in terms of the latest, most recent and perhaps most significant cultral shift (for me), new possiblities which are unique to this 'shift' emerge. The purpose of my experimental poetry on this site is to discover my own form of networked poetic expression emanating from those four major cultural shifts that moved all of us here from:

      Orality to literacy.
      Literacy to Scribal.
      Scribal to Print.
      Print to ‘Network??

    Thus this website contains experiments - works in progress which attempt to explore the role of this writer in today's networked era.

Use the white keywords on the top right hand side of the page to explore some of those works in progress.

Why cAMeltExt.coM ?

There are three central ideas that frame this project:

    The Koran tells humanity that we should: Trust in God but tie up your camel. A phrase I find analogous to the creative process - inspiration from whatever, whomever your GOD, or muse might be while also drawing attention to the technical consdierations and craft required to materialise / create / give life to that inspiration.
    CamelCase is a form of computer syntax combining lower and higher case letters. As words represent both thoughts and ideas which sometimes represent much more than is simply understood on the surface. Creating a series of works which make novel use of camelcase letters gives rise to cameltext
    A camel is often called a horse designed by committee. While I borrow from many, I give to all, I have no desire to own the idea of cameltext, I would like to see other writers and poets compose works with this in mind. So my hope is to include others work of cameltext on this site at a later date.

More ?

As time passes this site will include more of my cameltext work;

as the work and methods refine I am hoping that the central poetic concerns will become self evident as some levels.

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